Catch screening of 'The Journey' with exclusive performance by Eric Lilavois

Musician and producer Eric Lilavois takes center stage in the new documentary “The Journey: The Making of Salt, S(e)a, & Smoke” set to premiere in Pasadena on April 25. The film, which documents the artist's process as he moves through the production on his latest album Salt, Sea, and Smoke, will be followed by an exclusive performance by Lilavois and friends as well as a Q&A with director A.M. Bushe.

“The Journey” documents Lilavois' production while exploring larger themes of creative ambition and artistic commitment. Following a handful of career musicians to Seattle's famed London Bridge Studio (of which Lilavois co-owns) the film features performances as well as in-depth interviews and discussions on the creative process by Ben Smith (Heart), Danny T. Levin (Vampire Weekend, Julian Casablancas), David Moyer (U2, Snoop Dogg, Broken Bells, Tears for Fears), Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) and Grammy NW Chapter President Geoff Ott (3 Doors Down, Unwritten Law).

Lilavois recently discussed how his collaboration with Bushe came to fruition in an interview with Boo Boo Magazine:

“The director AM Bushe approached me when he learned I was going to be working on new music. He saw it as an opportunity to take a peek into why in the world some guy who already flies back and forth between LA and Seattle to produce music would want to — in his spare time — fly back and forth between LA and Seattle to make his own music, haha. I think we share a common idea in capturing the moment. AM has these gorgeous nature time lapses on his vimeo that I adore, and so when he talked about shooting the making of the record I kind of understood it as him rolling footage on what ever wave we were riding in the studio that day.”

Eric Lilavois was the frontman of Los Angeles rock band The Days In Between from 2004-2006, after which he went on to become a solo artist, releasing his debut album The Only Way in 2011. After years of lending a production hand to other artists, he was inspired to return to the studios to produce another record of his own. Salt, Sea, and Smoke, which will soon be released in full on vinyl, is currently available for digital download in the form of three individual EPs — all of which can be found on bandcamp. For more information, check out Lilavois' Facebook page and his official website, and to listen to Salt, Sea, and Smoke head over to SoundCloud.

“The Journey: The Making of Salt, S(e)a, & Smoke” premieres at Playhouse 7 (located at 673 East Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101) on Saturday April 25 at 11 a.m. The film has a running time of 35 minutes and (as mentioned above) Lilavois will perform afterwards prior to the Q&A with the film's director. For more information and to pick up tickets, click here.

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