Celebrating Ringo Starr's induction just one reason to enjoy “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame In Concert” DVD

Until recently, The Beatles' Ringo Starr had unfairly never gotten the respect from writers and fans that he had deserved for his outstanding drumming with the Beatles. But thanks to his induction in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015 and now his knighthood in this year's New Year's Honors in the UK, at least some of those reasons have dissolved and he's gotten some of that long overdue credit. And that's one of the great reasons to get the new DVD, “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame In Concert,” that hits the streets on April 24. Available as a DVD or Blu-ray, it includes four complete Rock Hall induction ceremonies that took place from 2014 through 2017. This year's ceremony is on April 14, 2018.

Ringo is inducted by fellow Beatle Paul McCartney, and McCartney's tribute to his Beatles friend is humorous and charming. The joy of the occasion and the joy Ringo felt fills his acceptance speech and is wonderful to see and hear. The DVD also includes his performance of three songs, “Boys” with Green Day, “It Don't Come Easy” with brother-in-law Joe Walsh, and maybe to no one's surprise, McCartney performing with him on “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

There are also other moments of great emotion, as well. The tribute to Linda Ronstadt, inducted in 2014 by longtime friend, Glenn Frey; The E Street Band's induction by Bruce Springsteen, who joins the band to play with them; and the induction of Journey with the long-awaited appearance of Steve Perry are just a few. Others honored on the DVD include Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, Lou Reed, Cheap Trick, Chicago, N.W.A, Yes and Pearl Jam.

That Journey induction and Steve Perry's appearance also had fans hoping that Perry would perform again with the band, but with the joy that usually accompanies Rock Hall inductions, sometimes, there is also drama. Though Perry spoke, he disappointed many fans by not singing. A missed opportunity many would have liked to see.

There are many more joyful moments throughout. A common thread through the speeches is that the inductions are for the fans. But if that's the case, the Hall should be a little more receptive to the wishes of those fans. For example, those who have been clamoring for years for the Moody Blues to be inducted are finally getting their wish in 2018. But some bands are still unfairly being left out of the Rock Hall because of politics. It's about time those politics were swept aside if the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is to be regarded as the honor it was meant to be.