Chance the Rapper bought all the tickets for the day at select movie theaters in Chicago
Cieon Movies/YouTube

Reginald Hudlin’s new feature film about the life of Thurgood Marshall, America’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice, opens in theaters across the country today, Oct. 13. For some lucky fans in Chicago, they’ll be able to ditch work or get out of school in time to catch the new film for free thanks to the city’s unofficial mayor, Chance The Rapper.

On Friday morning, Chance shared a “press release” via his Twitter saying he’d bought every single ticket to see Marshall throughout the rest of today at a pair of cinemas in Chicago. The two exact movie theaters specified in the rather informal announcement include Chatham 14 Theatre (210 W. 87th Street) and Kerasotes Chicago Showplace Icon (1011 S. Delano Street). He also hinted that the 3 p.m. showtime may have a special surprise at one of the showings, without specifically stating what that could mean. Knowing Chance and some of his famous friends though, it could be a pretty fun afternoon for anyone lucky enough to be at the right theater at the right time.  

Chance’s generous move on Friday is more than just an excuse to leave work early and spend an afternoon at the movies with a belly full of popcorn. The film has received positive praise for its telling of a young Thurgood Marshall, who's story in the film consists of him “crossing the country with a briefcase full of legal tomes defending clients whose only crime was their race.” In reality, Chance is giving his Chicago neighbors the chance to educate themselves on the life of a great man who put integrity and justice over prejudice during a pre Civil Rights era in America.

Chance is no stranger to going out of his way to support local education. The Coloring Book rapper had announced back during the summer that he’ll be working to put on the “Twilight Awards” next June, which will look to honor teachers, parents, principles and students who convey leadership through education.

Marshall stars Chadwick Boseman as the lead role, with Hollywood favorites Josh Gad and Kate Hudson involved as his main co-stars.