Chance the Rapper confirms collaboration with John Mayer on Twitter
Courtesy of Chance the Rapper

During a Twitter Q&A on Sunday, Chance the Rapper revealed that he has some new material in the works, including a collaboration with singer/songwriter John Mayer.

When a fan brought up a recent photo on Instagram of Chance and John Mayer at one of Dave Chappelle's Radio City Music Hall shows, they asked if the two artists would be collaborating on a song together.  Chance simply replied "Yes."  Seeing that response, Mayer tweeted "Co-signed."

Several collaborations may be in the works for the rapper as singer Bruno Mars, during his own Twitter Q&A session, mentioned that he would love to work with Chance.  When Chance got wind of this his response was, "Wait wtf. I just retweeted a gem off your page only to find out you rocking with the kid?!? Let's make it happen I already got choreo ideas."

No word yet on when any of these collaborations will see the light of day.