Chance the Rapper grieves for his Aunt Kim who lost cancer battle
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation YouTube

Chance the Rapper is grieving a hard loss following the death of his aunt, Kimberly Bennett, on Sunday. The Grammy-winning artist shared news of her passing on Twitter while also fulfilling her wish for him to share a video in which she discussed her diagnosis with inflammatory breast cancer.

He said, “My Auntie Kim lost her battle with Breast Cancer early Sunday morning. She was a warrior and wanted me to share this …”

In the video, which was created via the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation, Bennett discussed her symptoms, including breast discoloration, heat and swelling, which led her to speak with her doctor. She was diagnosed with stage four inflammatory breast cancer and decided to pursue a very aggressive form of treatment.

Bennett spoke very frankly about the grim outcome associated with this kind of disease and diagnosis. She said, “"The goal of this cancer is to kill you and to kill you fast. The only thing you can do to help yourself is to respond and react as fast as you can. That’s the only thing that will save your life."

The IBC Foundation shared a message of condolence for Kimberly Bennett on the website home page. It says, “With a heavy heart, we share that Kimberly Bennett featured in one of our #MyLoveBeatsCancer videos has passed away. We will continue to educate in honor and memory of Kim, and all of our IBC family.”

The video of Bennett sharing her story is posted underneath the message.

The IBC Foundation was established in 2007. Its mission is to educate, raise awareness, and “change the perceived notion that all breast cancers have a lump.” Visit the foundation’s website to find out more about IBC symptoms and to learn about ways to support the foundation’s effort via volunteering and making a donation.