Chance the Rapper shares poster for upcoming film 'Slice'
New Trailer Buzz / YouTube

Chance the Rapper is starring in a new horror comedy movie that is set to hit in 2018 called Slice. In preparation for the release of the film, which is produced by A24, Chance released a teaser poster on Twitter.

The Slice teaser poster shows the Little Caesars mascot headless, holding a spear with two pizzas on the top of it.

As for the movie itself, Chance the Rapper actually stars in the movie as a character named Dax Lycander, who happens to be a Chinese delivery food driver who also happens to be a werewolf. The last name is an obvious pun on that and the movie is considered a comedy directed by Austin Vesely -- a consistent collaborator of Chance since before the rapper became a star.

When a pizza delivery boy is murdered, the investigation focuses on Dax because of his past. Vesley said he was inspired by the comedy in Twin Peaks, meaning this might be a little more bizarre than expected.

Vesely directed the music videos for "Angels" and "Sunday Candy." This is his feature film directorial debut. In a 2017 interview, Vesely said that he fell into music video directing since there were so many great musicians in Chicago but his dream was always to write and direct a movie -- and Chance the Rapper gave him that chance.

According to Vesley, Chance the Rapper was a natural at acting and wanted to be pushed, rejecting the notion that they alter the role to his personality. 

The release date for Slice has still not been revealed.