Chance The Rapper to bring sign language interpreters on tour

Chance the Rapper has teamed up with DEAFinitely Dope in what will be a first-time collaboration of its kind in the world of hip-hop. While other rappers have certainly included venue-provided sign-language interpreters for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, this is the first time a rapper has hired his own. Chance the Rapper is making history yet again.

In a Facebook video, Chance and a DEAFinitely Dope interpreter made the announcement to fans that there would be sign language at his June 14 Tampa show, and for future shows.

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“We will have interpreters at our show, which will be a new thing going help everybody be able to experience the show.” At the end of the short clip, he adds, in true hip-hop fashion, “We just want to turn up” as the interpreter gestures in animated fashion signing the slang.

Chance is always thinking of his audience, and this just adds to the many reasons why fans adore him.