Charlie Worsham releases video for 'Cut Your Groove'
Charlie Worsham

Things are pretty good for Charlie Worsham right now. He's currently touring with Brandy Clark. He has some upcoming dates with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. On top of that, he just released his new album The Beginning of Things. One of the songs on this album is "Cut Your Groove," and the video premiered a couple days ago. 

The message of the song is simple and inspirational. Worsham sings "You've got a melody. Make 'em hear it." He sings other lyrics that aim to inspire listeners to do their own thing and to live the life they love despite what other people might say. The centerpiece of the song is when Worsham sings, "Life is a record. Better cut your groove." It might be a simple message, but it's one that we would all do well to take to heart. The outro of the song is particularly rich with a mandolin and horns in the background and only adds to the power of the song.

The images of the video are pretty interesting. You see a woman working behind the counter at a bowling alley until she decides to cut her groove by dancing ballet at the bowling alley. The video also shows a man doing inventory in a grocery store, then sitting down to write something on a pad. It's hard not to feel better when you listen to this song.