Check out Ed Sheeran in part one of a hilarious sketch with Kurupt FM for Comic Relief
Comic Relief YouTube

Ed Sheeran may be the biggest pop star in the world to everyone else right now, but the boys at Kurupt FM are wildly unimpressed when he shows up at the spoof pirate radio station to work on a new music video. In the hilarious attached clip, Sheeran is first mistaken for an errand boy instead of MC Grindah and DJ Beats' first award-winning collaborator.

Chabuddy G promises the dynamic duo they are going to work with one of the biggest urban artists in the world. They giddily suggest he means Stormzy and they’re equal parts dumbstruck and deflated when they discover Ed Sheeran in all of his ginger-haired lankiness waiting to strum them some bars of his inspirational anthem, “What Do I Know” from Divide.

Sheeran, who was recently cast in “Game of Thrones” for the upcoming season, plays his part on the popular "People Do Nothing" British sitcom to flustered perfection. The sketch is all part of support for Comic Relief’s impending Red Nose Day campaign. The “Thinking Out Loud” singer has been a huge advocate for the UK-based charity which works to help kids stay safe, healthy and educated. He recently went to Liberia to sing with children in the name of the cause.

Part two of the sketch and the world premiere of the music video featuring Kurupt FM and Ed Sheeran will premiere on March 24 on the Comic Relief Red Nose Day broadcast on BBC One. Click here to find out more about ways to donate and support Red Nose Day.

Ed Sheeran is currently touring to support Divide. Click here for information on AXS-ticketed shows and stay tuned to AXS for Ed Sheeran updates.