Check out the super cool pets of 5 major musicians
Video courtesy of YouTube

Being a full-time musician is clearly a busy job. With so much time spent in the studio, on tour or writing songs, it’s hard finding a few more hours for friends, family or lovers. A few artists, however, have made exceptions for their pets. To maintain some well-needed animal companionship, they’ve devoted every extra second to their furry, fuzzy or even scaley friends. Here’s a list of five major performers and their super cool pets.

Demi Lovato’s turtle, Monica

Back in 2014, pop diva Demi Lovato went to Bora Bora for a little downtime and ended up becoming the fairy godmother to a lil‘ sea turtle named Monica. She decided to sponsor the then 4-month-old baby tortoise after visiting a conservation project on the island. Although Lovato hasn’t written any songs about Monica yet, the turtle really seems to suit her. In fact, every star could probably use a turtle. They’re a perfect reminder to slow down and chill out once in awhile.

Justin Bieber’s monkey, Mally

One of the best parts about being a pop star is getting to monkey around with, well, your monkey. In 2013, Justin Bieber got a baby capuchin monkey and hung out with it until German customs officers seized it while he was on tour. He failed to produce the proper documentation for the pet and was forced to abandon it in Deutschland. Seeing Beebsey wasn’t the best monkey caretaker, PETA and other animal rights organizations have begged him not to adopt another primate and he has since gotten a dog named Esther. That’s probably a better choice, J.B.

Miley Cyrus’ pet pig, Bubba Sue

Considering how bizarre Miley Cyrus has become throughout the past several years, it’s only natural that she would have a pet pig named Bubba Sue. The “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker adopted the loveable swine in August 2014 and has since used it to cover up her naked, muddy body on the cover of Paper magazine. She also had to kick it out of her party last year for being too rowdy. Sounds like Miss Miley and Bubba Sue are quite the pair.

Taylor Swift’s cats, Det. Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey

Taylor Swift may be one of modern music’s biggest stars but, deep down, she’s just a humble cat lover. Her adorable felines Det. Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey (named after the star characters of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” respectively) have been popping up more and more lately on the singer’s Instagram and Twitter feeds. In some ways, they’ve become even bigger stars than Swift herself. Both Miss Meredith and Miss Benson are beautiful Scottish Fold cats, meaning their ears fold down toward their heads due to an extremely cute genetic mutation.

Slash’s boa constrictor, Pandora

Slash can shred an axe, but he can also handle snakes. In 1989, the iconic guitarist became the proud dad of a boa constrictor named Pandora. It even appeared in Guns N’ Roses video for “Patience.” Slash cared for his slithering pet until it died in January 2014. While he’s owned other snakes in his lifetime, he hasn’t really replaced Pandora. He’s now focused on being a father to two soon-to-be-teenage boys, London and Cash.

Honorable celebrity pet mentions:

  • Actor George Clooney took care of a 300-pound pig named Max for 18 years until it died in 2006. He was so close to the swine, sometimes he let it sleep with him.

  • The main pet of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali was … drumroll please … an anteater! Here’s him taking a stroll with his ant-munching buddy in Paris.

  • Just to up her cuteness factor, Kylie Jenner’s got a fluffy bunny named Bruce. Some speculate she’s calling it by the name Caitlyn left behind, but it is also a good moniker for a bunny.

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