Chris Young: Five reasons why we love him

Country music artist Chris Young is a great singer. Ever since he was on the show "Nashville Star" and won, his career has been skyrocketing. Fans just can't get enough of him. Below follow five of the many reasons why his fans love him.

He is an amazing uncle

Chris Young's sister Dot had a baby girl and he has proven to be a great uncle. He is always sharing photos of things that he picked up for her at the store. Recently he posted on Instagram a My Little Pony four-wheeler that he had to pick up simply because his niece wanted it. You can tell that he is very involved in her life and will be a great dad someday.

He still loves a bargain

Even though Chris Young is now a famous singer, that doesn't keep him from loving a bargain. Chris has shared that he still goes out Black Friday shopping to get the best deals. This singer isn't afraid to stand in line just like everyone else.

Chris is grateful

If you ever see a Chris Young concert, you will leave there knowing that he is grateful for what he gets to do every single day. Performing country music is his dream job and he doesn't take it for granted. He is constantly thanking his fans and saying how lucky he is that he gets to do this every single day. Young realizes that the fans have helped to get him where he is today.

His dimples

One smile from Chris Young can melt your heart. He has the most adorable dimples and isn't afraid to show them off. Chris is always happy and smiling and sharing it with the world

His love for traditional country

There is plenty of room on the radio for the new kind of country, but Chris Young has a love for traditional country. He has shared that Keith Whitley is a favorite of his and Young does perform covers of his songs from time to time. His deep voice and songs show that Chris still gets what country music used to be even though it has changed over the years.