Chris Young
Chris Young

Chris Young has proved since winning "Nashville Star" that he is more than just a guy who won a reality show. His country music songs remind listeners of great traditional music and you just can't get enough of his sexy deep voice. Here are Chris Young's five best music videos.

"I'm Comin' Over" - This new song from Chris Young is already a hit and the amazing video is one that fans can't talking about. Young proves that he is a great actor because you would never think that he wasn't totally into the girl that he is making out with during this clip. This song is about just not being able to give up someone and they do great with showing the sexual tension between them without Young ever having to even remove his shirt.

"Voices" - The best part about this video is that they did not use actors. If you pay attention, Chris Young's entire family is in this video and that is who he used to show those voices in his head. His sister Dot couldn't make it so he didn't leave her out and made sure to include a photo with her in it in the background.

"Aw Naw" - This video is not what you would expect at all. Young somehow finds a bar that is hidden in a quick shop back behind the cooler. Of course someone bought another shot of Patron and he isn't getting home as soon as planned.

"Lonely Eyes" - When this video came out, the viewers were expecting a girl across the bar looking at Young, but they did it with a different twist. Instead "Lonely Eyes" is just a very simple video showing Young and the girl both. They don't even meet up until the end.

"Drinkin' Me Lonely" - This was Young's first video and is the perfect story telling music video. When you think of country music, you imagine a great story line and "Drinkin' Me Lonely" tells a great story just like fans want to hear.