Christina Aguilera crashes L.A. Pride with 'Accelerate' dance remix
Dinvy Xtina / L.A. Pride / YouTube

Pop superstar Christina Aguilera crashed L.A. Pride on June 10 as a special guest. She premiered a new remix of her single "Accelerate" for the event.

"Accelerate" is the lead single from Aguilera's upcoming album, Liberation. The original version is a bit sluggish, so for her LGBTQ fans and allies at L.A. Pride, she premiered a revved-up dance mix. "This is a new remix just for Pride, especially for you guys," she said. Xtina emerged with a cheetah-print coat over her black dress and a team of "RuPaul's Drag Race" queens and go-go boys. Everyone was dancing on stage as Aguilera belted incredible vocal adlibs on the mic. "Candyman" from 2006's Back to Basics record later blared over the speakers. The sold-out crowd was treated to a few amazing minutes of Christina's campy party.

No word yet if the exclusive remix of "Accelerate" will receive an official release. Aguilera's Liberation album will drop on June 15. She will tour the country this fall in support of the record.