Christina Aguilera's Liberation Tour marks beautiful comeback in Las Vegas
Lucas Villa / YouTube

Pop superstar Christina Aguilera returned to the stage in Las Vegas on Oct. 27. In the midst of the Liberation Tour, her comeback trek was sold-out at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Considering it's been over a decade since her last tour and three studio albums since then, Xtina made up for lost time with fans by delivering a nearly two-hour set of hits mixed in with music from her Liberation record. Having had time off to raise her family, she was ready to trade in her mommy hat for her diva hat that was collecting dust on the shelf. The genie was once again set free, still dirrty and serving those powerhouse vocals all night long.

Aguilera's very last world tour was the Back to Basics Tour from 2006 to 2008. A Bionic Tour almost hit the road two years later but was scrapped when Christina was promoting her movie debut, "Burlesque," with Cher. Fans had been very patient waiting for their queen's return over the past decade and with her Liberation album, Xtina decided to hit the road. In one of the sequences during the show, the words "The Queen is Back" flashed across the stage. Aguilera continually thanked fans throughout for their love and support over the years and expressed that she was happy doing "what she was meant to do" again.

Don't consider the Liberation Tour a greatest hits tour that other pop stars have been pushing lately. The setlist was filled with new material from the Liberation album, including the dramatic opener "Maria," the haunting "Deserve" and Aguilera's latest singles: "Accelerate" and "Fall in Line" (sans Demi Lovato). Knowing what the fans want though, she did her best to delve back into her classics with homages made to those points her career. "Genie in a Bottle" featured genie-esque choreography similar to the 19-year-old music video, Xtina wore a risque leather outfit for "Dirrty" that harked back to the butt-less chaps from that iconic clip and she revisited the boudoir for "Lady Marmalade," the LaBelle cover that she was able to carry on her own.

In 2008 Rolling Stone named Aguilera as one of the greatest vocalists of all-time and she was the only one among her contemporaries that made the prestigious list. At a point in the set, Christina let out a cough, indicating that the self-proclaimed "Fighter" might've been fighting a cold, but she powered through with that elastic voice of hers, letting it be known why she still holds that title. Xtina sang the heck out of "Beautiful," "Twice" and "Unless it's With You," but her best moment came with a cover of James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" that was a flashback to her showstopping 2007 Grammy Awards performance. 

The Liberation Tour was really a show for the fans with Aguilera dedicating a whole section to the unappreciated Bionic. "I always said this album was ahead of its time," she mentioned. Christina also belted Stripped fan-favorite "Keep on Singin' My Song," which she noted many of her fans have said helped them through hard times. "It wasn't a single, but sometimes those are the best ones," Xtina added. Her labor of love concert ended with a whole lot of love, what has become her equality anthem from Lotus, "Let There Be Love." It was a rainbow-colored blowout when "RuPaul Drag Racer" Farrah Moan sashayed next to Aguilera on-stage.

It took over 10 years, but the Liberation Tour was worth the wait. Seeing Aguilera being able to truly bask in what she's created over 19 years and being liberated from all the pressures and naysayers that have followed her throughout her career was beautiful, no matter what they say.