Classic Beatles film 'A Hard Day's Night' getting 4k treatment in Los Angeles
Janus Films

It has been 50 years since the classic film "A Hard Day's Night" was released to millions of Beatlemaniacs, but as usual, the visual and audio fidelity just doesn't hold up. Luckily, the geniuses at the Criterion Collection has announced a new 4K restoration that includes a brand new 5.1 mix set to debut on July 4th in Los Angeles at The Cinefamily.

The movie will run for a week and is being presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.75:1. It was taken from the original print of 35mm film the movie was shot on and scanned in using a Scanity film scanner to keep everything as pristine as possible.The director of the film, Richard Lestar, and the son of the original music producer, Giles Martin, have signed off and contributed to this restoration, so it has the right blessings needed to actually succeed.

The black and white film follows the band during their meteoric rise to fame, giving them plenty of mobs of girls to run from and wacky moments of zany humor reminiscent of early British TV and film. It all ends in a fantastic concert performance that helped paved the way for what eventually became music videos.

The Beatles ended up making quite a few movies during their historic period of popularity. Some were bigger than others, some were more experimental than others, but "A Hard Days Night" always had the perfect blend of charm and humor (and a great soundtrack, of course) to help cement the legacy of the epic band. Things got a bit weird from there, with "Help!" and "Magical Mystery Tour!" leading into the classic "Yellow Submarine" and the terrible documentary "Let It Be."