Martin with Ken Santiago.

Martin with Ken Santiago.

Rhiza Pascua/Twitter

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has been known to surprise a fan or two, or just generally help people out who are in need. Around Christmas last year the singer delivered two surprise benefit shows, one in New York City and one in London, both shows were to help the homeless. Most recently, on a trip to play Manila in the Philippines, Martin made a visit to a fan in the hospital suffering from stage 4 cancer.

As Billboard reported, Martin visited Ken Santiago, a medical student at the University of the Philippines-Manila. Ken had purchased a ticket and was hoping to attend the Coldplay show at the Mall of Asia concert grounds. His condition, however, prevented him from going. Wanting to help out, Ken’s older brother Kheil Santiago posted an open letter on Facebook hoping for a response from Coldplay.

"A week ago, he already turned over his Platinum ticket to my younger brother. He does not show he is sad, he said it's okay. But we can feel that he really wanted to be there. But due to his health condition that we cannot compromise. We, especially him accepted the fact that he can't be there in the most special concert of Coldplay for him. I am sending you this open letter to ask a little favor if the band could just say 'hi' or a short message for him to make him feel better."

The Santiagos got much more than a simple “hi” from Coldplay. The message quickly spread, clocking over 1,000 shares. The letter eventually reached Rhiza Pascua, the head of Music Management International, the company organizing Coldplay’s show in Manila. Pascua then helped to set up the meeting with Martin.

Although he couldn’t talk, Ken was able to communicate with Martin via a whiteboard, where he reportedly wrote, “I can’t thank you enough.” Ken also got to request a song, “Ink” from the album Ghost Stories, with Martin immediately texting his bandmates to begin working up the tune. Martin also gave Ken his hat along with Coldplay merchandise and a copy of their latest album, Head Full of Dreams. You can check out photos of the meeting below.

Coldplay will be performing at the Spirit Center in Kansas City, MO on Tuesday, August 15. Click here for tickets.