Cole Swindell releases "Flatliner," featuring Dierks Bentley, to country radio.

Cole Swindell releases "Flatliner," featuring Dierks Bentley, to country radio.

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Cole Swindell is readying his next chart-topper. Teaming up with country mainstay Dierks Bentley, Swindell selects "Flatliner" (a fist-pumper in which he proclaims a woman's beauty literally flatlines his heart) as his next radio release, following such hit singles as "Middle of a Memory" and "You Should Be Here." The uptempo track harkens to one of Bentley's signature hits, "5-1-5-0" (from 2012's Home LP), in rock texture and anthemic tone--so it seems appropriate to have Bentley himself lending his scruffy vocal to the story. 

Swindell co-wrote the song, which officially hits radio Jan. 23, with Jaron Boyer and Matt Bronleewe and is lifted from his sophomore album, You Should Be Here. "I wrote the song for Dierks around four years ago.  I wrote it for him, sent it to him, and never heard from him," he told Country Countdown USA early last year. "I don’t know if he heard it or didn’t like it...but a year or so ago, I was texting with him, and sent it to him, and he loved it.  We talked about it for a while, and sure enough, we got to do it, and it’s gonna be awesome.  I’m just very excited to be singing with Dierks.”

Ahead of the 50th CMA Awards last fall, had the chance to catch up with Swindell to chat about his landmark year, which included a nomination for New Artist of the Year. "I remember when the year started--actually, every year for the past three years--thinking ‘there’s no way we are going to be able to top the past year but let’s try.’ We are still working hard. There’s a lot of people who are responsible for my success. Man, it just feels good," he said. "I got to experience another No. 1 song, and it’s the most special song of my career so far. That probably stands out the most out of anything, any of the nominations. I have finally put out a song that has touched people and helped them through times that are just like the times I went through. It’s been a blessing."

At the time, he also penned a heartfelt "Dear Nashville" letter for Huffington Post. He explained his intentions behind it, saying,  "I wanted to let Nashville know how I felt about them and what it means to me to live there. I didn’t even know how I was going to write it. I wanted to write a thank you letter to the music industry and everybody who has ever played a part in my career. I remember writing it in my truck and thinking about how it was my dad’s birthday and how upset my mom was. That's how it started. I wrote my story from there. It flowed out. I write songs for a living. I don’t write professionally like that. I was nervous about it. As a songwriter, you want it to be perfect. I’m so glad I took the time to do it. It’s exactly everything I wanted to say. You move to town and you dream of Music Row and those banners with pictures of songwriters and a 'Congratulations' on it. I’m getting to live my dream because somebody took a chance on me. I want to help people, whether that be with music or outside of that."

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Take a listen to "Flatliner" below: