Cole Swindell awarded with gold certification for his No. 1 hit single "Middle of a Memory."

Cole Swindell awarded with gold certification for his No. 1 hit single "Middle of a Memory."

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During his Nashville show over the weekend, country singer Cole Swindell earned yet another gold certification. His No. 1 single "Middle of a Memory" joins his growing string of gold- or platinum-certified releases, following the biggest hit of his career, the autobiographical "You Should Be Here."

Swindell's new single, the Dierks Bentley-assisted "Flatliner," hits country radio today (Jan. 23). "I wrote the song for Dierks around four years ago.  I wrote it for him, sent it to him, and never heard from him," he previously shared of the song and collaboration. "I don’t know if he heard it or didn’t like it...but a year or so ago, I was texting with him, and sent it to him, and he loved it.  We talked about it for a while, and sure enough, we got to do it, and it’s gonna be awesome.  I’m just very excited to be singing with Dierks.”

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Coincidentally, Swindell is an opener on Bentley's recently-launched What the Hell Tour, along with newcomer Jon Pardi. "Dierks has always been one of my favorite artists. Now knowing what a solid guy he is off stage makes me a bigger fan and I can't wait to learn from him and his band & crew," Swindell told recently. "I’m also excited that Jon Pardi is on the tour, we have been friends for a while now and I'm so proud of his success. It’s going to be an energy packed show and a good time had by all if you ask me."

On the massive success of "You Should Be Here," the title cut to his sophomore album, he shared last fall ahead of the 50th CMA Awards, "I remember when we wrote it [with Ashley Gorley]. I love that first album [2014's self-titled], and I think I established I like to have a good time. But this was the song I wanted people to know that ‘hey, this is me too. As much fun as I like to have, life ain’t all about having fun. I might stand on that stage every night, but I’m just like them. I hurt, too. I didn’t expect it to get this reaction. I’m just glad it has reached people. It’s never going to stop. Every meet and greet since that song hit country radio, I’ve heard at least one story, if not way more. I hear a heartbreaking story that just makes me appreciate what I have."

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