Colonel Claw'd named best mascot in Bakersfield
YouTube/Bakersfield Condors

Bakersfield Condors mascot Colonel Claw'd has been named the best mascot in the city of Bakersfield, California. Colonel Claw'd received the honor after being voted by Bakersfield Life Magazine and The Bakersfield Californian newspaper. 

Colonel Claw'd is a bird with large claws and regularly seen a Bakersfield Condors jersey. Interestingly, Colonel Claw'd received competition in winning the award from the Bakersfield Condors themselves. Colonel Claw'd is actually one of three mascots for the Condors as the others are an oil-themed superhero mascot named Riggs and a Baby Cal, which is actually not a baby at all. It is a large feathered bird with a hockey jersey. 

Colonel Claw'd and Baby Cal were popular mascots the Condors had while playing in the ECHL. When the Condors joined the Edmonton Oilers organization for the 2015-16 American Hockey League season, the Oilers wanted a third mascot that reflected something that reflected the oil industry. 

Riggs meanwhile was not very popular to begin with. In a poll in 2015, 85% did not like the new Condors mascot. But it seems like many still enjoy Colonel Claw'd. 

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