Comedian Jeff Dauler's '1973 Comedy Tour' kicks off this fall.
Comedian Jeff Dauler's '1973 Comedy Tour' kicks off this fall.
Steve Lowry/Courtesy of GEM PR

Comedian Jeff Dauler is spending his fall on the road. He's the longtime host of radio's "The Bert Show" and he's held the gig alongside Bert Weiss since 2001 - is rolling out a headlining stand-up comedy tour entitled the 1973 Comedy Tour, which kicks off in September, and recently spoke to AXS in an e-mail interview to tell us what fans can expect from his shows.

A veteran of festivals like Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Fest and Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Dauler describes his comedy as self-deprecating, relatable, but not raunchy (he'd rate it PG-13). He likes to tell "Stories about things that have happened to me and how they went incredibly sideways," he told us over e-mail. "Observations so obvious they are often looked over."

He was inspired to move into the stand-up world after crossing paths with Jeff Foxworthy at an event; Foxworthy told Dauler that he should attempt stand-up comedy, and the endorsement from one of the best comedians in the business made him decide to chase the idea. Subsequently having to travel to a few cities in which "The Bert Show" is broadcast, Dauler decided to make the most of his road time.

"I had to go to one of them for a market visit and another for a wedding," he explained, "so I figured I would do some comedy while I was there."

Out of that idea, the 1973 Comedy Tour was born. Dauler headlines each show, with support from fellow comedians Dan Mengini, Jamie Bendall, Jarrod Harris, Lace Larrabee, Mia Jackson, and Stephen Donovan. Performances will take them to Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Indiana over roughly a month.

When he's not making audiences laugh, Dauler is also involved in a number of good causes. The native New Yorker participated in the Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge in 2012, and has since done more triathlons and a half-marathon while hoping to inspire others to reach their athletic goals. The numerous charities he supports include the TJ Martell Foundation, Atlanta Community Food Bank, and Usher's New Look, the organization for disadvantaged children founded by Usher.

So not only is he providing some good laughs to audiences, he's doing good in the world, too. This tour provides an opportunity for comedy audiences to get to know Dauler - not only his humor, but someone who's leaving a great impression on the comedy world. Those who like their laughs on a positive note should check him out this fall.

Dauler's 1973 Comedy Tour begins September 17 at Hyena's Comedy Nightclub in Dallas, Texas and ends October 16 at The Tiger Room in Fort Wayne, Indiana; you can view his full tour schedule and get tickets to every available show by heading to his tour page. Some shows are already sold out, so don't delay!

For more on Jeff Dauler, visit his official website.