Mo Pop Festival
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Ryan Smith
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Detroit's own Mo Pop Festival just seems to get better every year. Even though the name of the festival gives the impression that it's focused on pop music, the artistic lineup comes from many different angles - rap, rock, and pop. Stars like the National and St. Vincent are buttressed by up and comers like Alvvays and Jeff Rosenstock. While it's primarily oriented toward indie rock, most music fans will find something to like in the lineup.

So what comes next? You've got your sun gear - shades and sunscreen. You've got your tickets. What else? Consider planning out your days to maximize your listening pleasure. Nothing beats strategizing to take in all of the music you want and minimizing those FOMO blues. 

One of MoPop's strengths is that it's limited to two stages, with the artists having staggered sets. While the extra food and fun features the festival offers can tempt you away from the music stages, if you're focused on the music it's relatively easy to move back and forth between the two stages. Sure, for every pair of acts you may need to make some tradeoffs. For example, if you like both Highly Suspect (7:45 p.m.) and Vince Staples (8:50 p.m.) you may have to choose between seeing all of Highly Suspect's set and seeing Staples from the beginning.

But, all in all, Mo Pop is easy to navigate, so you should be able to take in a considerable amount before the festival is over. Happy festival-going!