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Finally, what every Coachella attendee has been waiting for—the set times. While most of us going to one of the biggest music festivals have already planned out which artists we want to see, it's stressful to think that one of our favorite bands is going to be playing the same time as our favorite rapper. But, now that the set times have been released, our anxiety can be put aside and we can start planning who will start and end our days.

On Friday, The Weeknd will be closing out the main Coachella Stage, while Jean-Michel Jarre will overlap a little on the Outdoor Stage. For those who are wanting to stay on the grounds late night, you can catch electronic artist Rezz closing out Sahara, or Carpenter Brut closing out the Gobi Stage at 12:10. 

On Saturday, Beyoncé will finally perform—some have been waiting for two years to see her after she had to cancel last year due to bring pregnant with twins. Highly Suspect will close out the Gobi tent at 11:20, and X Japan, the most popular Japanese rock band ever in existence will close out the Mojave  stage on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Eminem will be closing down the entire festival on the main Coachella Stage, with Michael Mayer playing a late set on the Yuma stage. Migos will hit the Sahara Tent at 9:30 pm, and hip-hop queen Cardi B will be playing an early set at 6 pm Sunday on the main stage. 

Time to get out your pen and paper and start marking down who is playing where, or, you can make your life easier and download the Coachella app to pick your own schedule, and you can get notifications for each set 15 minutes before, to make sure you don't miss a beat.

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