Complete history of the LA Kings jersey and logo

The Los Angeles Kings joined the National Hockey League in 1967. Over the last 51 seasons, the Kings have had a variety of different jerseys and logos. Let us take a look back at the history of the Kings franchise when it comes to their brand. 

History of the Kings Logo

The original Los Angeles Kings logo from 1967-1975, had the name "Los Angeles Kings" written in purple above a crown inside a diamond shape. The crown's colors were gold and purple. From 1975-1988, the Kings name became larger with the K and S being outside the diamond. Meanwhile, the crown within the diamond became smaller. 

Starting in 1988, the Los Angeles Kings changed their colors from purple and gold to silver and black. This was a new era for Kings hockey as the team acquired Wayne Gretzky in the summer of 1988 in the biggest trade in NHL history. The Kings' name remained prominent and was located below Los Angeles and above the crown. All content was placed inside a shape with nine points. 

From 1998-2002, the Kings no longer had Los Angeles in their logo and was replaced with the term "LA". The logo also contained crossed hockey sticks along with a sun, crown and lion wearing sunglasses inside a black, purple and silver shield. From 2002-2011, the Kings logo was a silver and purple crown with hockey sticks on top. There was no longer a reference to LA. The current logo, which has been in existence since 2011, no longer has the color of purple, and the "LA" reference has returned. The "LA" term is within a rectangle and the crown is within a narrow diamond shape. The background color within the rectangle and diamond is black with a silver trim and black border. 

The Kings have also had a variety of alternate logos. They include a black and silver crown, two other crowns with yellow, purple and white colors, the term Kings above a crown within a diamond shape without reference to Los Angeles, a king with a purple beard wearing a crown, and the term "Kings" above a crown within a diamond and "Los Angeles" mentioned at the bottom outside the shape. Here are the pictures of all the logos in Kings history. 

History of the Kings Jerseys

The original Los Angeles Kings jerseys were purple and gold, so they would be similar to the Los Angeles' top basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1969-70, a white outline was added to the numbers. In 1977, all Kings jerseys had the players' last name on their back to comply with new National Hockey League rules. Starting in 1980, the Kings added a white stripe at the top and bottom of their jerseys. 

In 1988, the Kings decided to emulate the Los Angeles Raiders of the NFL instead of the Lakers and went with silver and black. In 1992, the last names on the back of the jerseys were changed from silver to black and white, so they could be more legible.

In 1995-96, the Kings had a third jersey with a king wearing a purple beard. This logo only lasted a season, and the king was compared frequently to the king in "Burger King".  A purple trim returned to the uniforms in 1998 and all home jerseys had purple colored numbers. An alternate third jersey with the primary color of purple and a crown on the front was added in 1999.

From 2002-07, the alternate jersey became the primary jersey, with the crown being the focus. In 2007, the stripes at the bottom of the jersey were eliminated. In 2008, the Kings returned to the colors of black and silver with LA on the crest of their jersey over a crown. They no longer have the color purple.

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