Concert Review: Lights dazzles in Detroit
Tracy Heck

Canadian singer/songwriter Lights brought her We Were Here Tour to Detroit on Friday, Mar. 9 where she hit the stage at Saint Andrews Hall. Fellow Canadian DCF and Australian alternative pop trio Chase Atlantic opened the show.

DCF kicked things off with a steady mix of electronic pop as he happily chatted with the crowd and showed off his spastic dance moves as he moved across the stage.

Chase Atlantic brought a bit more of a rock vibe, mixing things up with sporadic jazz influences courtesy of intense saxophone solos. They were clearly having a blast on stage and their passion transferred to the packed crowd, who cheered for them throughout the set.

The crowd got even louder as electropop  headliner Lights burst onto the stage with "New Fears" and "Savage," a pair of tracks from her latest release Skin & Earth, which was created alongside her comic book of the same name. 

With her bright red locks, Lights personified the comic's lead character Enaia Jin as scenes from the comics played out on the giant video screen behind her.

A number of other tracks from the album appeared throughout the set, including popular closer, the anthemic "Giants." However, older fans were not disappointed as she also performed a number of her most popular songs from "Second Go" and "Toes" to "Siberia" and "Muscle Memory."

She slowed things down for a short acoustic section featuring "Banner" and a version of Cher's "Believe" that how the entire crowd swaying and singing along.

Throughout the set, she made various wardrobe and set changes, keeping things entertaining and colorful as the powerful strobes and lighting captured the attention of all those in attendance.

After exiting the stage, Lights would return for an encore of new track "We Were Here" and "Almost Had Me," the closing track from the new album, which had everyone waving their lights and cell phone in the air.