Convex shares heart and soul on Groove Cruise LA
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Arredondo of Jookz Photo

For many, Groove Cruise is a life-changing experience. Friends are made, music is experienced (yes, experienced) and new DJs are discovered. Likewise, many of the DJs themselves discover the joy and experience that is Groove Cruise.

This year was no different for one particular DJ, Zack Morgan, better known to many as Convex. Convex has made many waves (yes, pun definitely intended) through Insomniac events like EDC Las Vegas, Escape: Psycho Circus and most recently Nocturnal Wonderland. He was on hand this past weekend to share his craft with the #GCFAM. Although this may have been the first time for many people to hear him, he was anything but forgettable. In fact, his set at the deckside pool was one of the most memorable aspects of the trip as a whole.

Convex shared with AXS about his experience at GCLA saying, "This was my first Groove Cruise so I wasn't sure what to expect. The weather was amazing and the crowd was awesome — you could tell they were completely enjoying the cruise. I know I was having as much fun as they were." 

The crowd wasn't just enjoying the cruise, they were enjoying his set! Groove Cruisers were moving to his beats, which were pure energy and soul-bumping goodness. As people moved across the poolside deck in rhythm to his beats, Convex fed off of their energy and poured even more of himself into them through his music. It was one of those magical sets that people talk about long after it's done. The rapport between crowd and DJ, family and Convex, was magical and palpable. Surely, people felt him and he likewise had the feels for the crowd as he continued to pump up his set.

On the newness of the experience of Groove Cruise itself and of the atmosphere as a whole, Convex told us, "It was definitely a House music crowd, which is different for me, so I got to play a lot of new material along with some of my usual melodic Bass tunes and originals."

Both new and old material blended together with the power of the spirit behind it, Convex himself, to vibe with the crowd in such an unexpected way that something new was born in that moment.

It's moments like these, DJs like Convex, that make Groove Cruise such a special experience for everyone involved. 

Make sure to check out Convex below and give him a follow today on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about him, check out his artist page at Insomniac

Missed out on GCLA? Have no worries. GC Miami is right around the corner (January 26-29) and sure to bring just as many magical moments with new and seasoned DJs. Grab your tickets today and set sail on the experience of a lifetime.