Convex stitches together culture and style with 'Dainichi'

Now that EDC Orlando just wrapped up, EDM lovers may be looking for some new music to move hearts and shuffle feet. Just in time for this comes the newest release from Convex, "Dainichi."

Convex has been tearing things up since his electrifying debut at EDC Las Vegas. He went on to have critically acclaimed sets at Nocturnal Wonderland and Escape: Psycho Circus. Proving that he's not one to sit back and enjoy the splendors of his hard work, he went on to have one of the most energetic and crowd-pleasing sets on Groove Cruise LA.

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As he prepares to release his forthcoming EP, Remembrance, he took the time to share his newest single, "Dainichi," with AXS and had this to say about it: 

"Dainichi is the first song on my upcoming Remembrance EP, which drops November 21. I'm psyched it's finally out. It's one of my favorite productions ever because it really showcases my attempt to stitch together two different worlds. I️ was looking to juxtapose traditional musical elements with a more modern vibe. It’s really important to me to blend cultures and styles - I think that’s where unique art comes from. The vocal is actually an old Japanese lullaby, so while on the surface it may seem out of place, I️ think the contrast creates something really beautiful."

Beautiful, indeed, it is. Take a listen to "Dainichi" and follow Convex on Soundcloud (below). He truly is one of the most energetic DJs to hit the scene and AXS looks forward to everything he's going to bring with Remembrance. 

Remembrance drops Nov. 21. Until then, listen to the beauty of culture and style that is found in "Dainichi."