Country Roads: Kacey Musgraves isn't 'Pageant Material'
The Rowdy

"I try to use my common sense, but my foot always ends up in my mouth," Kacey Musgraves attests in the title track of her sophomore album, Pageant Material. It's a poignant, barbed commentary on her runner-up face as witnessed at the 2013 CMA Awards. When Miranda Lambert took the stage to accept her Female Vocalist of the Year trophy, the camera panned to Musgraves, igniting faux-controversy that she was less than ecstatic for her fellow singer-songwriter. Musgraves ain't exactly Miss Congenial, and she's quite loud spoken on social media, in her daily life and in her lyrics. Material is only scratching the surface, as fans probably already know.

Following her debut LP Same Trailer Different Park, the new record spins together her particularly significant and cutting songwriting style into a dusty countrypolitan gloss. As we gaze into our crystal ball, there's no doubting that Musgraves will continue blazing a trail for all aspiring newcomers in the new year.

The Rowdy talks about all this and more in this week's installment of Country Roads. Watch above.