Cranberries' guitarist Noel Hogan pens moving tribute to Dolores O'Riordan
Angel Seyer/YouTube

Music fans are still coping with the sudden and tragic death of Cranberries’ singer Dolores O'Riordan, which sent shockwaves across the music industry on Monday. Among those still attempting to cope with the loss of arguably the most popular rock vocalist of the 1990s, is O'Riordan’s Cranberries bandmate Noel Hogan, who shared his thoughts and memories of his longtime friend and creative partner in a moving statement published by Rolling Stone on Wednesday afternoon.

“My earliest memory of Dolores singing is the first day I met her [in 1990],” Hogan said via email. “Dolores came in to hear us play and we got to hear her sing. She had a small keyboard that she set up and sang a few songs she had written. We were all blown away that this small girl from Limerick had such an amazing voice. The fact that she wasn't already in a band was a miracle.”

Hogan would go on to talk about her honest personality, which shined just as brightly on stage as she did in her more private daily life. He also spoke about how comfortable she and the rest of band became while working in the studio as their careers developed, which made it that much more disappointing that they were forced to cancel their 2017 North American tour due to O'Riordan’s back problems.

“She had looked forward to it for so long,” Hogan said about their disappointing end to 2017. “She did everything in her power to fix the back problem, but it persisted and won in the end.”

The band had released their seventh studio album last April in the form of a semi-compilation LP titled Something Else. The 13-track album comprised of mostly acoustic and orchestral versions of previously released singles, which were recorded alongside an Irish Chamber Orchestra, in addition to three new songs. The album was the primary focus behind their fall tour prior to its cancellation. 

O'Riordan's cause of death at the young age of 46 is still a mystery, but her music and creative spirit continue to flow through the hearts of fans who grew up listening to that trademark voice of hers.