Cyber Monday playlist: Best songs to listen to while you shop
Macklemore LLC/YouTube

Cyber Monday is fast approaching on Nov. 26, and good music is a must for any shopping spree. AXS has compiled a playlist of the 13 best songs to get music fans through their Cyber Monday shopping. Click each title to listen to the song, and click each artist name to get tickets to their upcoming live shows through AXS. After you're done with your holiday shopping, that is.

1. "Manic Monday" - The Bangles

There is no better song for Cyber Monday than "Manic Monday." For one, it's actually about Monday. For two, shopping on Cyber Monday is definitely manic, with thousands of items in hundreds of sales, and of course you have to find a very specific one. But aside from having an incredibly appropriate title, The Bangles have created a song that is so upbeat that it'll put you in a good mood for all the clicking you're about to do.

2. "Thrift Shop" - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made shopping cool again with the release of "Thrift Shop." Not only that, but they made shopping at a discount cool - and that's exactly what music fans are trying to do on Cyber Monday. Everyone is looking for the best deal while spending the least amount of money, and that's exactly what this entire song is about. It celebrates finding awesome things for cheap prices. What's not to love about that?

3. "For The Love of Money" - The O'Jays

When The O'Jays released "For The Love of Money" they weren't singing about Cyber Monday or Black Friday. They may as well have been, though, because the song applies to the utter craziness of Cyber Monday. It's a cautionary tale about how people will go to any lengths for money, and on Cyber Monday, people will do just about anything to get that certain holiday present they just have to have.

4. "Price Tag" - Jessie J

Every shopping playlist needs a reminder that how much money you spend on the gift isn't what makes it important. Enter Jessie J with her first big hit "Price Tag." The whole chorus of the song talks about how making the world dance is more important than money. That's true in Cyber Monday shopping, too. You don't have to buy the expensive gift or have the most popular toy; you just need to get something that you honestly think someone will love.

5. "Money For Nothing" - Dire Straits

Dire Straits never actually got money for nothing (or their MTV) by the end of this song. But they did have one of the best guitar riffs in music history, so playing "Money For Nothing" will immediately put a smile on any tired shopper's face. Plus, the song mentions quite a few things likely to be on sale during Cyber Monday: color TV's, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. If you're buying appliances this year, just put this one on repeat.

6. "Shopping" - The Jam

At this point on the playlist, chances are you've spent a while shopping and you haven't gotten everything that you want. The Jam have provided a great song for the Cyber Monday shopper who's starting to feel burned out. Paul Weller wrote this catchy but sad song about how shopping doesn't live up to what people see in the ads, and how no matter what you buy, you can't purchase kindness or love.

7. "Lost In The Supermarket" - The Clash

Most Cyber Monday shoppers will not be in the supermarket. But this classic by The Clash is still applicable because many of them will be lost in the Internet. With online shopping, people can purchase almost anything from around the world, and it's very easy to get lost trying to figure out which website has the best deal, or if the thing that you want comes in your size or color. The Clash are here to vent all those frustrations.

8. "Shopping" - Pet Shop Boys

Before anyone gets too down, Pet Shop Boys are here with "Shopping," which is the exact opposite of The Jam's song. No, the Pet Shop Boys are incredibly upbeat about their shopping. They're actually singing about government corruption and commercialism ("buying and selling your history"), but at least they're in a good mood about it.

9. "She Works Hard For The Money" - Donna Summer

Donna Summer spoke for everyone when she released this disco-pop hit. Everyone works hard for their money and so they want to get the most out of it on Cyber Monday. This song is a great reminder that you're important, your money is important, and you don't have to throw it away on something just because it might be a great deal or you think you need one. Plus, its thundering disco beat will raise the energy level as this playlist heads toward the finish line.

10. "Billionaire" - Travie McCoy

Wouldn't it be great if everyone was a billionaire? Travie McCoy waxes poetic about all the things he could buy in this song. This is the song for everyone who sees something incredibly cool on Cyber Monday - and realizes that they can't afford it. This is for everybody who gets starry-eyed over that big expensive thing they're not able to buy. Maybe someday you'll be able to get it.

11. "I'm Still Standing" - Elton John

The bottom of your shopping list is in sight, so what better way to get revved up for the end of Cyber Monday than this Elton John hit? It has nothing to do with shopping, but it's a rallying cry. Music fans are still standing after hours of manic Cyber Monday shopping. They've almost finished checking off every name on their list. They've combed every sale and every ad. Feel proud, holiday shoppers!

12. "Time Is Running Out" - Muse

Here's a hard-rocking anthem from Muse as the final minutes of that Cyber Monday sale countdown. Snag that one last deal, make sure you've gotten something for everyone, or make that final choice about that purchase you've been going back and forth on all day. As time on Cyber Monday runs out, this gives that shopping trip a dramatic ending.

13. "The Man" - Aloe Blacc

It's important to unwind after Cyber Monday shopping. You're tired, you're a little scrambled, and there's nothing left to do but wait for the presents to get wherever they are going. So sit back, relax and play this Aloe Blacc song to remind yourself that you accomplished something. You are, indeed, the man (or woman).

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