Dan + Shay's 'Tequila' gets the remix treatment
YouTube/Dan And Shay

Tequila is a powerful concoction that can flip the switch on the dullest of parties.

Named after the actual city of Tequila in Guadalajara, the drink made its debut in the 16th century. So, not only does the drink have an incredible amount of prestige, it has a storied history to boot.

There have been many songs made about this incredibly strong drink. Heck, there was even a Spanish rock band that took its name after tequila. In modern times, the drink has taken a backseat, of sorts, to other leisure drinks, but tequila remains the king of all, and one that should still be revered.

It’s just that no one would figure that Dan + Shay would be the ones to bring this historic drink back to its rightful place on the throne.

The country super duo has made a living bringing country into the modern age, for sure; but no one could have foreseen “Tequila,” their seventh single, becoming such a massive hit, especially in the country music universe. Yet, it has, reaching No. 1 on the US Country Airplay charts and just missing out on that honor on the Country Singles Charts.

The booming success of “Tequila,” naturally, sparked interest in a remixed version of the song, and R3HAB stepped up to the challenge to change the dynamics of the single, and he did just that.

The new version of “Tequila” has a lush, tropical-like vibe to it that goes very well with the song’s lyrics. The fleshed-out electro vibe of the track brings even more life to a song that was a heavy contender for “Song of the Summer.”

Speaking of summer, this is the perfect track for a lazy summer day at the beach or the pool. There are plenty of tracks one could choose from to make the perfect summer playlist this year, but if “Tequila” isn’t one of them, it’s a playlist that should have its credibility questioned.

That’s how good this remix is. If one thought the original was terrific (and it was), then one will fall in love with the new version. Truth be told, some country fans may be turned off by the electro-vibe of it, but, nevertheless, it’s a song that will leave one breathless on a sultry summer day.

Check out the single above.