Daniel Tosh’s 10 best TV moments ahead of his 7th annual 'Tosh Saves The World' show at Arlington Theatre
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Comedian Daniel Tosh knows a thing or two about making people laugh, and he’ll use his talents for another excellent cause this November. The longtime funnyman will get his humanitarian on in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Nov. 4 when he hosts his 7th Annual Tosh Saves The World Charity Show at The Arlington Theatre. And while some thick skin may be needed, no need to take offense -- proceeds for the show will be given to charity.

Tickets are now available for the show and donations will be made to charities like the Make A Wish Foundation, Best Friends, Animal One For Houston Layne and more. If Tosh’s presence was enough to stir the pot, he’ll tap several special guests for performances throughout the night. In addition to major organizations supporting the show, local Santa Barbara charities, including DAWG, Santa Maria Valley Humane Society and the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County will also participate. 

Tosh is currently midway through the ninth season of his hit Comedy Central show, "Tosh.0." The series has the 42-year-old comic pushing the limits of controversial humor, often using viral internet clips as a basis for commentary and its patented “web redemption,” which has the subject of those videos making up for their viral blunders.

As you prep for his upcoming show at The Arlington, take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of Tosh’s best TV moments below.

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10. “Words of Twisdom” (2014)

Who better to offer life advice than recent college grads? Tosh calls upon his hardened young fans, whom in his words “have already been beaten down by life” to give some pointers on how to navigate through the real world. Hilarity ensues.

9. "Bad Neighbors" (2015)

Good fences may make good neighbors, but not when snow is involved. Tosh offers up a clip of a man going berserk on his neighbor after snow is placed back on his property. The comic then works in a segment of himself and neighbor-comedian Todd Glass going at it over their garbage pileup. An airing of grievances has Tosh telling Glass how much of a better comedian he is.

8. "#DearMe" (2015)

Tosh gets introspective in a clip where he offers his younger self some advice on growing up. With his comic career in full swing, he opens the segment with sound guidance. “Dear me, look how awesome your life turned out! Screw saving money,” he says. “Just keep doing you, buddy.”

7. "Web Redemption: Monster Energy" (2015)

According to Christine, the devil laughs when you consume energy drinks, and Tosh is here to set the record straight. After giving a hearty speech on why Monster Energy drinks are the devil reincarnated, Christine went viral back in 2015. She talks to Tosh about his role in society, even going so far as to say Tosh stands for “Taking Others Straight to Hell.” Though Christine gets her redemption in the sit down, it’s later rebuked after she protests at a religious gathering in Texas.

6. "Gary the Goat” (2014)

Australian sensation Gary the Goat became a viral star after appearing in several videos in 2014. Never one to be outdone, Tosh invites a different superstar Gary to the Tosh.0 headquarters for a hilarious sketch scene. It’s true – Gary Busey has aged like a fine wine.

5. "Web Redemption: Nintendo 64 Kid" (2009)

One of YouTube’s first viral stars relives the moment that made him famous…13 years later. Brandon yielded a huge haul on his seventh Christmas, collecting the coveted Nintendo 64. His extreme reaction was caught on camera and has been viewed on YouTube over 21 million times. He heads to Tosh.0 to reflect on the video and receives a new gift in the process.

4. "Google Search & Autocorrect Results" (2012)

Ever noticed the strange responses Google adds when using its autocomplete feature in the search bar? Well, Tosh does some extensive research and finds out just how weird the ol’ Google machine can get. Sorry, Google users -- Train is still going strong after all these years.

3. "Web Redemption: Wheel of Fortune" (2014)

The thrill of being on a popular game show can make even the most seasoned players nervous, and such was the case for Indiana University student Julian. After flopping on several “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles (Achilles, really?) Tosh invites him to redeem himself in one of the best Web Redemptions to date. Julian makes it to the final puzzle before a dramatic finish.

2. CeWEBrity Profile: Bryan Silva (Gratata)" (2014)

Unless you're Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver,” taking mirror videos to show how tough you are usually isn’t a good look. Bryan Silva showed off just how gangster he was in a montage of viral videos in 2014, and Tosh interviews the man behind the flat brim hats and chest tattoos. The two meet on an aptly-named boat called Yachtata and pop bubbly in the hilarious one-on-one.

1. "Sports or Consequences" (2012)

Tosh is right in his monologue – there’s nothing better than having a sleepover with your bros. But with no ladies around, he takes it upon himself to make a new game called Sports or Consequences. In the clip Tosh sees his buddies go at a series of sports-related challenges only to fail on the first try and suffer the penalties. Eating sandy pasta and dunking your head in a bucket full of nacho cheese are some of the end results.