Danielle Cormier releases debut album 'Fire & Ice' featuring Peter Frampton
Danielle Cormier/YouTube

Singer-songwriter Danielle Cormier has released her debut record Fire & Ice, which includes a guest appearance from the legendary Peter Frampton and nine self-penned tracks. The album is available on iTunes and you can watch the music video for the title track by playing the video above.

Fire & Ice is a ten-track record that features Peter Frampton on the track "Can't Quit You." How did the 21-year-old get a rock legend to appear on her very first album? The record's producer, Adam Lester, was also touring with Frampton and passed Cormier's music on to him. He liked what he heard so much he contributed his own piece to the song. "One night, I got an email from [Lester] that Peter picked this song specifically and recorded a guitar solo after the bridge," Cormier said in the album's press release. "I listened to it with my mom in my living room and I remember getting to the solo and my jaw just dropping. It’s an honor to have Peter Frampton on my album, especially as an up and coming artist."

But Fire & Ice is primarily about Danielle Cormier introducing herself to the world. Of the ten songs on the album, all of them are original compositions and nine of them were written by the North Carolina native. As the title suggests, the press release explains there's a lot of contrast on the record, balancing happier songs with others that have a darker tone, and catchy ones with those that are a bit more ponderous. A clear step forward from Cormier's 2016 EP Casino Sessions, the record shows off the tremendous potential that will only improve, especially as Cormier is going out on tour to support the record throughout the rest of spring 2018. She is an artist on the rise and now music fans can enjoy her first album as well as a brand-new tour.

Below are Danielle Cormier's upcoming tour dates, with tickets and more information available here:

March 18 - Boone, NC - The Local
March 27 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall
April 07 - Nashville, TN - Tennessee Brew Works
April 21 - Nashville, TN - Tennessee Brew Works
April 28 - Nashville, TN - Opry Backstage Grill
May 24 - Franklin, TN - Grays On Main

For more on Danielle Cormier, visit her official website.