Dawes drops surprise live album commemorating in progress tour

Sometimes the music’s so good you have to stop and cut an album. On Tuesday, Dawes released a surprise live album, We’re All Gonna Live, culled from their current “An Evening With Dawes” tour. According to the band’s website, the album chronicles the first four nights of the tour, which kicked off Jan. 10 in San Diego. (The track list can be found below.) It took only 15 days to complete the mixing, mastering and release process.

“With this tour we've felt like we've begun to turn a corner as a live band so we figured it was time to share some of it with everyone,” singer Taylor Goldsmith said. “It's not the full-length experience but we're hoping that it's enough of a taste for people to take a little bit of the show experience back into their homes with them and hopefully inspire them enough to come check out the show once we get into town.”

We’re All Gonna Live contains 15 tracks, seven of which appear on Dawes’ most recent studio album, 2016’s We’re All Gonna Die. After a week off, the band picks the tour back up on Feb. 21 at The Fillmore in San Francisco and continues through the spring, concluding May 3 at The Fillmore in Charlotte, N.C.

Coinciding with the album’s release, Dawes also released a video for its new single, “Roll With the Punches.” The clip, which stars Goldsmith’s girlfriend, actress Mandy Moore, depicts the couple’s breakup, in which the singer invites a construction crew over to their house to saw all their belongings in half. The song was co-written by Goldsmith and We’re All Gonna Die’s producer, singer-songwriter (and one-time bandmate) Blake Mills, who also plays guitar on the track. It’s the third single to be released from the album, following “When the Tequila Runs Out” and the title track.

We’re All Gonna Live track list

1. Coming Back To A Man

2. One Of Us

3. Right On Time

4. Quitter

5. Somewhere Along The Way

6. Roll With The Punches

7. A Little Bit Of Everything

8. Picture Of A Man

9. Less Than Five Miles Away

10. Things Happen

11. Still Gonna Die

12. We’re All Gonna Die

13. From The Right Angle

14. When The Tequila Runs Out

15. All Your Favorite Bands

Check out our interview with Dawes below.