Dean Ween Group gets groovy and sleazy on 'rock2'
Boognish Monster

If you're a fan of Ween, you know that Dean Ween isn't interested in making boring pop songs. On the new album rock2, Dean Ween Group provides plenty of entertainment with rocking songs you're not going to hear on the radio.

"Yellow Pontiac" is one of those songs you won't hear on any commercial radio station. This song seems to be something of an homage to Motorhead. Ween's vocals are pretty similar to Lemmy's. On top of that, the melody is one that will have you pumping your fist as you cruise down the highway - not in a yellow Pontiac obviously. This is a song about a car that is so bad it is listed in the Kelley Blue Book at a buck and a half. It's also so bad that a valet won't park it. This song is a classic because anyone listening has either owned an embarrassing car or known someone who has.

When you see that one song is entitled "Fingerb--gin", you might form some preconceived notion of it. When you hear it, you can't help but smile. Granted the title is dirty, but then so is the sound. The best way to describe it is this: imagine a song by The Sonics. Then slow the tempo down and make the sound - especially the saxophone - even more sleazy. (Yes, it's possible.) The melody is punctuated throughout with the title, which is the only word in the song. Even if you don't want to at first, you can't help but groove to this tune.

Fans of 70s groove rock, will love "Someone Greased the Fatman". This song brings to mind some of the best groove-rock bands. At times, you'll hear tones of Thin Lizzy while at other times you'll hear some Deep Purple. It also adds some saxophone, which makes the song even more groovy. The song ends with an instrumental free-for-all before it ends abruptly. Don't be surprised if you find yourself listening to this one more than once.

The band throws a little country sound in the album with "P---y on my Pillow". The opening of the song seems to be a tribute to Merle Haggard's "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink". The chorus meanwhile seems to channel Kris Kristofferson. While the melody would definitely be at home in any dark honky-tonk, the lyrics are much closer to The Beaumonts.  It's hard not to chuckle when you hear the story that accompanies the melody.

If you've been looking for a rock album that is out of the ordinary, this album delivers in spades. It delivers plenty of great rock riffs as well as witty lyrics that will make you chuckle. rock2 (Schnitzel Records) will be available everywhere on March 16.