Death Cab For Cutie remix 'Summer Years' it what feels like a Postal Service homage
YouTube/Death Cab for Cutie

15 years ago, the music world was treated to a full-length album full of goodies from Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, and Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel.

The duo called themselves “The Postal Service,” and the LP that would be produced under their moniker was Give Up, an album that was a rousing success. But, the duo split up two years later, and though fans have gotten a remastered version of that iconic album in 2013, many were clamoring for more.

They may have gotten it, thanks to a new remix single from Death Cab for Cutie.

Called “Summer Years,” this sweet techno-fused track has some homages to The Postal Service that is undeniable. Remixed by Jimmy Tamborello (his first time working with Death Cab for Cutie), the DJ made sure to infuse the song with a warm, lush beat that pulsates through the speakers, and will remind everyone about the orange glow of summertime, which may be a taunt to the folks who have to brave Old Man Winter’s harsh chill.

When one is listening to “Summer Years,” one may harken back to 2003, a year where The Postal Service put its stamp on a growing genre, and times were calm and simpler. Check out “Summer Years” above, and don’t miss the band as they’ll visit the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans in April of next year. Click here for tickets.