The cover of the reissued "Crash Boom Bang!" album by the Bayonets. 

The cover of the reissued "Crash Boom Bang!" album by the Bayonets. 

JEM Records - used by permission.

The Bayonets' album “Crash, Boom, Bang!,” which first hit the streets in 2014, will be recharged May 19 when it is reissued on a new label and with two brand new tracks. “['Crash, Boom, Bang!'] was self-released, really,” said Brian Ray, also known as guitarist for Paul McCartney, in a phone interview. “And we were lucky enough to get a phone call from Marty Scott, who owns and runs JEM Records out of the East Coast who's had a great deal of success. And he expressed interest in re-releasing it if we wrote and recorded two additional new songs, which we did.”

“I had heard tracks from The Bayonets on 'Little Steven's Underground Garage' (on SiriusXM Radio) for the past few years. Everyone was completely unique and just screamed for attention every time it came on the radio,” Scott said in an email. “So I decided one day last Fall to send Brian Ray an email asking if they might be interested in re-releasing the album.” Scott said he would re-master the entire album and create new artwork. The new cover was done by an artist who had also done work for another group on the JEM label, The Weeklings.

How did the Bayonets get started? “I was over at Oliver's house to write some material for what would have been a third solo album," Ray said. "And a lot of those songs were written with Oliver Leiber, my good buddy. I went over his house to write and record a couple more songs and he just surprised me by saying, 'Hey man, let's just do a band instead. I'd be more into doing a band than anything else. And I said, 'Well, OK. Let's do it.' And then it was just about deciding how we wanted to plot the band, what we wanted to sound like and then writing it and recording it.” The group's third member, Lucrecia López Sanz, was added after Leiber suggested having a woman in the band. Ray knew of López Sanz after playing with her band Nube 9 during a solo tour he did in South America.

The Bayonets' music has many influences, Ray says. “There's some Duane Eddy in there. There's some Stones, Animals and Beatles, Kinks and Who. It's just all the stuff we were raised on. I was a big fan of late '50s rockabilly and rock 'n' roll at the hands of people like Duane Eddy, Link Wray, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley. I loved Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. So those are the things that really got me excited about this new explosive, at the time, rock 'n' roll.”

One of the tracks, “Vagabond Soul,” features a guest appearance by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. “I had worked with Steven Tyler on a solo show he did opening Atlantis, the new wing of the Atlantis resort called The Cove. And I was in a band with his longtime writing and producing friend Marti Frederiksen. We just had a fantastic little band and did about six songs together. (I) got to know him. We really hit it off big time. And we just stayed in touch. I just thought this would be a fun idea. I texted Steven and he had an answer back to me (with) 'I'm in! Let's do this' within 15 minutes.”

As originally issued, “Crash, Boom, Bang!” was a wonderful album with a dynamite title song and an album full of retro music hooks that really rocks out. The two added songs, “Like She Does” and “I Feel Love,” fit in beautifully.

Ray says he hopes the band will be doing a lot more now, including live appearances, because of the new record deal. “We have such a cool little band and cool identity. We love writing. We love the name. Now we've got support from Marty Scott at JEM Records and Sony Red Distribution. There's a very good possibility you'll hear more from us. My priority remains touring with Paul McCartney and recording with Paul. And whenever I can fit it in, I just love doing my own thing.”