Def Leppard to release pale ale craft brew to coincide with upcoming tour
Courtesy of DefLeppardVEVO

As Def Leppard preps for their upcoming summer tour with Journey, they've revealed a new liquid partnership that will also be coming along for the ride.

Working with Elysian Brewing Company based in Seattle, Def Leppard have announced a custom-made craft brew named Def Leppard Pale that will be available on most of their tour stops beginning May 23.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, lead singer Joe Elliott explained that this collaboration wasn't just a vanity project. “It tastes great – that's the most important thing I can tell you,” said the singer. “We're not going to drink it just because we put our name on it. I don't walk around wearing our f*cking t-shirt.”

For Elysian CEO and co-founder Joe Bisacca, the collaboration with Def Leppard was a natural one. “For our brand, our ethos is guitar, bass and drums," said Bisacca. "It's not ballad-y, it's not a quiet love song -- it's hardcore rock. We had the idea here that the beer should celebrate something of the band and something of us."

As for working with Elysian, Elliott added, “They're great, they're confident, they seem very rock n’ roll and we like that. We like the people we're working with, we like the beverage, and that's a great way to start.”

Def Leppard isn't the only rock band to get into the craft beer business. Iron Maiden announced their second craft beer brew Light Brigade earlier this year.

Def Leppard's tour with Journey kicks off May 21 in Hartford, Connecticut.