Denver Comic Con: 'The Burning Metronome' creators talk new trade book, Denver scene and more

The best science fiction allows us to explore the nature of mankind through the prism of the fantastic. Pitched as a hybrid of “The Twilight Zone” and “The Usual Suspects,” the new comic “The Burning Metronome” doesn’t shy away from pressing social issues like police brutality, but its skillful blend of the murder-mystery format with more traditional sci-fi elements makes it an entertaining read above all else.

“I wanted to create a vehicle for us to comment on the world,” the book’s writer R. Alan Brooks explained in a recent interview with “I guess I just feel like in this present political climate, it almost feels irresponsible to create art that doesn’t have some kind of social commentary.”

The trick is in finding an enthralling story that keeps the messages and themes from becoming pedantic. Based on the first issue of the book -- which you can read for free on Tumblr -- Brooks, penciler and inker Dion Harris and colorist and letterer Matt Strackbein, have succeeded wildly.

“The Burning Metronome” is also a testament to Denver’s flourishing comic community. All three of the book’s creative principals have a long history in the local scene and their combined talents and vision lifted the Kickstarter for their first “Burning Metronome” trade to over $14,000, well past their initial $8,400 goal.

“The Denver comic scene is strong and getting stronger in a remarkable way,” Brooks says. “One of the defining aspects of the scene is that people are really cool and supportive.”

Brooks, Harris and Strackbein will see the results of that support first-hand when the first “Burning Metronome” trade books are released during Denver Comic Con, which is set for June 30 - July 2 at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Organized by Pop Culture Classroom, the DCC has all of the celebrity appearances and creative cosplay of the largest cons while also emphasizing the unique traits and personalities of Denver’s scene.

“I’ve been going to comic book conventions since I was 10,” Brooks says. “There was something beautiful in it, being lost in the imagination, being with these people who had this interest in comics. I find that that feeling is awakened in me when I go to Denver Comic Con.”

For much more on “The Burning Metronome,” check out our exclusive interview with Brooks, Harris and Strackbein in the video embedded above. And although three-day passes are all sold out, you can click this link to get single day tickets to the Denver Comic Con right here on