Dillon Francis headed to Denver's Mission Ballroom in 2020
Dillon Francis/YouTube

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Dillon Francis is looking ahead to 2020 with a newly announced show.

Francis is calling on fans to "celebrate Leap Year" with him when he plays at the Mission Ballroom in Denver on Friday, Feb. 28 (Tickets). Tickets go on sale this Friday, Oct. 5, including accessible and AXS Premium seating.

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In addition, Francis was recently announced as one of the artists performing at Decadence Arizona for New Year's, as well as of the musicians tapped for the grand opening of the DAER club in Florida over Halloween weekend.

Although sophomore album WUT WUT was released just last year, Francis already has new music out with more on the way. The first half of Francis' new mixtape, Magic Is Real, is out now, with the second half due out Nov. 15, and he revealed on an episode of Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy Podcast that fans can look forward to hearing a new collaboration with lovelytheband. Last week, Francis released a new video for the track "Still Not Butter," a highly anticipated follow-up to the song "Not Butter" from Money Sucks Friends Rule, released in 2014.