Diplo shares 'Worry No More' video with Lil Yachty and Santigold
Diplo / YouTube

Diplo has a new album coming out on March 23 and just released the third single from the upcoming release. While the first two tracks had him working with DRAM on one song and MØ and Goldlink on the other, this one sees Diplo working with Santigold and Lil Yachty on the song "Worry No More."

Diplo and DRAM released the music video for "Look Back" two weeks ago and his very unique and fun inter[pretative dance video "Get It Right" with MØ back in January. For "Worry No More," Diplo went for a fun music video once again, this one a little more '80s-flavored. 

Santigold and Lil Yachty appear in the music video in colorful uniforms as employees of a bakery called Lot$ O' Cakes. They are making cakes and singing about just wanting to reach their dreams and having a good life, not having to worry anymore. 

This has been a huge year for Diplo, who released the documentary "Give Me Future" last year that showcased his band Major Lazer's 2016 concert in Havana, Cuba, that saw 400,000 people in attendance.  He also released an album accompanying the documentary and another EP titled Know No Better. The new music is under his solo name and it sounds like he isn't slowing down anytime soon.