Dirtybird Campout East raises Orlando's festival pedigree

Orlando is a city that is known all around the world as a place where families can come and play together, but the arrival of the Dirtybird Campout has changed many music fans perspectives of this mythical land in the middle of the Sunshine State.

The Dirtybird Campout was once just a western U.S. festival. Now, the organizers of the weekend-long event will, for the first time in its history, add an east coast version that is just as vibrant and fun as its western counterpart.

The huge outdoor music festival that is Dirtybird Campout could have gone anywhere in the Southeast, especially in Florida, a state that has become synonymous with EDM festivals with such booming extravaganzas as the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa and the grandaddy of them all, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami; but it chose St. Cloud, a town to the southeast of Orlando that is home to the Forever Florida Adventure Park.

In a lot of ways, St. Cloud was a natural choice to host this glowing outdoor festival. The surrounding terrain provides the perfect grounds for music fans to come together to celebrate not only the EDM scene that has taken a hold on music in recent years but also to appreciate the alluring wilderness of Central Florida. For many EDM fans in Central Florida, it’s a part of this region that many don’t get to see on a daily basis, which should be even more tempting for fans to attend this event.

The landing of the Dirtybird is just one more reason as to why Orlando is becoming more than a land for kids to visit Mickey Mouse. Over the past few years, its music festivals has been trending upward in national stature. The Orlando version of the Electric Daisy Carnival has become the showcase event in the festival’s catalog. That festival, along with the long-running WJRR Earthday Birthday and numerous day-long festivals, has made music fans think twice about Orlando being an afterthought when it comes to music.

The Dirtybird Campout promises to add to Orlando’s growing reputation for hosting huge music festivals, and, hopefully, the Campout will become a permanent fixture in Orlando’s evolving music scene.