Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico, used with permission.
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Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico, used with permission.
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Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico, used with permission
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Photo courtesy of Laura Orrico, used with permission.
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DJ’s, Matt Wells from Jaded Lover and Mark Gertz from Dark Wave Disco, both of True Mother Records based out of New York City, are impressive within the dance music scene and have the experience to prove it. Mostly known in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, the two have proven they are true masters of live electronic improvisation by working a table full of hardware with an intoxicating energy. The people witnessing the madness in front of them can’t resist their talent and the days of DJ’ing not being a "live extravaganza" are behind us. 

Wells and Gertz have about 29 years combined musical experience. Wells, with 19 years of experience behind the turntables, has spent years honing his craft, deftly fusing music styles—disco-punk, electro, house, tech and italo—in an effortless smooth fashion, constantly pushing forward with his own original productions and remixes that keep his sound fresh. Gertz of Dark Wave Disco—the indie rock, electro and party DJ trio—started dominating the Chicago music scene in 2005.  Procuring notoriety, the trio has toured as opening DJ’s with The Faint, Gang Of Four, and others, in conjunction with mixing sets with big acts like Tommie Sunshine, Steve Aoki, Lady Sovereign, The Sounds and MisShapes.

Recently signed with Laura Orrico, President of Laura Orrico Public Relations, LLC, Wells and Gertz have joined collaborative forces assembling the ultimate techno live duo act. Utilizing different live techniques, fans can expect to experience inventive music from scratch. Through the power of teamwork, the DJ duo weave tracks together in an organic way, establishing a connection with their audience through their innate ability to read the crowd energy and adapting on the fly if necessary, which creates a musical journey into uninterrupted rhythm completely unique in that moment. 

An official record release party in celebration of Jaded Lover's Time Enough (with remixes), is scheduled for Oct. 17 at the Evil Olive in Chicago for Monday night’s "Porn and Chicken" event. Gertz also has original releases due out late fall which were engineered and produced by Wells and will be performing that night as well.

Wells and Gertz, not only work together on True Mother Records, but also share the honor of being chosen as ambassadors to the The Power of Caring Campaign and also Feeding America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks. As ambassadors, it is a honor to be chosen, and it is equally an honor to be able to use the platforms, such as their music, to show their proud support of the mission to fight against hunger in America. Donations can be made here for these organizations and the ambassador code TMR201 has been assigned specifically to Wells and Gertz. Check out their promotional video for the cause here. 

For the latest from True Mother Records and upcoming 2016 events, head over to their website. You can purchase Time Enough in advance directly from True Mother Records here.