DJ Zo, collaborator on Tiger JK and BTS' RM's new song 'Timeless' talks working his scratches into the track

Today, Tiger JK from Korean hip-hop group Drunken Tiger, released a new song title "Timeless" in collaboration with BTS' Rap Monster (RM) and Los Angeles-based DJ, DJ Zo. The song, which currently is climbing the Billboard charts and was released on Drunken Tiger's final and 10th album titled Drunken Tiger X: Rebirth of Tiger JK, ,who is retiring the rap group and his own moniker.

What makes this track stand out, though, is the scratching done by DJ Zo, who has toured with the likes of Anderson .Paak, Dumbfoundead, Solange and countless others. Throughout the song, Zo's impressive scratching skills, which has made him stand out as a DJ in the Los Angeles club circuit makes the song unique, and also incorporates lyrics from another hip-hop group, Year of the Ox.

"It was an absolute honor to work with Tiger JK on his Drunken Tiger 10th and final album," DJ Zo told AXS the day of the song's release. "He hit me with the reference track and told me to fill in the empty spaces and I just did my thing."

While the artists weren't in the same room at the time of the song's creation, Zo explained how it all went down and what his reaction was when he saw the song climbing the charts on Wednesday morning.

"They said they were getting Rap Monster from BTS on it, so I knew it would be a heavy track. I recorded it right then and sent it back within a few hours," Zo said, "I don't think he was expecting me to do all of that for the chorus but I wanted to include vocal samples from Yoonmirae and Year of the Ox. I went overboard with the scratches thinking they would only keep a few bits and pieces, but they ended up using the whole take so I am extremely happy about the turnout."

Listen to "Timeless" above.