Donald Glover somewhat confirms possible Chance The Rapper collaboration in post-Emmys interview

Donald Glover made entertainment history on Sunday night when he became the first black director to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Director for a Comedy Series for his hugely successful Atlanta show on FX. The director/actor/rapper would end up taking home two Emmy trophies last night, and even gave his music fans a taste of good news as he addressed the rumors of a potential collaboration with Chance The Rapper in the near future.

During an interview backstage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles where the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were held on Sunday, Glover answered a question from the media more related to the music side of his career.

“You know, music, I don’t ever want to do anything because I’m forced to,” Glover can be heard saying with trophies in hand starting at the 5:40 minute mark in the video above. “I think once you do that things start to get bad and you jump the shark. Also I feel if I don’t make a Chance The Rapper mixtape, like double mixtape, a bunch of 14-year-olds are going to kick my a**.”

Although this wasn’t exactly a full-on promise to his Childish Gambino fans, his response was certainly better than a flat out no, or even worse, no comment. Fans will remember Glover's acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year where he personally gave a shoutout to Migos, and pretty much launching their career into the stratosphere while doing so.

Glover made headlines recently when he revealed he’d be taking time off before going to work on the second season to Atlanta following its breakout debut in 2016. He’s set to act in a few big upcoming franchise reboots for Star Wars and The Lion King, in addition to potentially releasing a final Childish Gambino album at some point. So fans can probably expect a possible Chance/Childish collab somewhere in the middle of all that. Glover will have to talk Chance down from single-handedly saving the city of Chicago first, however.