'DOOM' sound designer seeks heavy metal choir for upcoming soundtrack
via: youtube.com (Mick Gordon)

Mick Gordon is calling for Heavy Metal Screamers, and anyone who hears his call should definitely answer.

Mick Gordon is the man responsible for the soundtrack of “Doom.” The 2016 reboot of the classic first-person shooter was praised for its fast-paced action and adherence to its tone. The metal soundtrack composed by Gordon boosted the tone of the video game like few soundtracks have done before.

“Doom” is a rush to play, and Gordon’s soundtrack is a rush to listen to. The music melds with the action perfectly, accelerating when the demons that need to be slain appear and calming when there is a momentary respite. Gordon did a fantastic job, and no amount of praise is too much to extol his talents.

On Jan. 4, Gordon put out a call for people interested in assisting him with a soundtrack he is working on for a video game. He did not specify whether this soundtrack will be for the upcoming “Doom Eternal” or not, but given the kind of soundtrack Gordon needs, it is not far from the realm of possibility that he is, in fact, working on the sequel to “Doom.”

Gordon needs a choir, but not just any old choir will do. Gordon needs a choir of Heavy Metal Screamers.

Experience or gender does not matter to Gordon as much as the quality of a person’s Heavy Metal scream. An application form must be filled out promptly. A link to the form can be found here.

Anyone applying must be over the age of 18. The person applying must also be available to travel to Austin, TX for the first week of March. A demo of their Heavy Metal screaming abilities must be submitted before Feb. 1.

This job, despite its already emotionally lucrative status for any “Doom” or Heavy Metal fan, is not a free opportunity for eager volunteers. If accepted, people will be paid and receive a credit for their work.

This is an exciting opportunity, even if Mick Gordon is not working on “Doom Eternal,” though signs point to the idea that he is. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with genius Gordon on a potentially revolutionary video game soundtrack.