Drake trademarking 'God's Plan' for possible TV game show

Drake has a new music video that is creating buzz in the music industry. "God's Plan" is his latest release that has now gone viral.  The music video illustrates a powerful storyline that shows Drake traveling through the city of Miami where he visits strangers and provides surprise gifts of charity to help people from all walks of life in various communities.  

The symbolism in the video also shows Drake in a power position using his status in stardom to reach the masses with a positive message through his thought-provoking hip-hop lyrics.  In addition to the success of the video, the track itself is an official hit record on Billboard landing in the Hot 100.

With the success of the music debut and video release, Drake is taking “God’s Plan” to a new level. He is currently working on a trademark for the title “God’s Plan” with the goal of creating a possible television game show that is related to the music video. 

Check out the music video for “God’s Plan” above.