Drake wants to include a Fortnite reference on his new album
Ninja / YouTube

Drake is not only a huge musical talent but he is also a giant video game fan. According to Drake himself, he would love to add a line of reference to the video game Fortnite on a song on his next album.

The conversation actually happened on Twitch, where Drake was playing Fortnite live against Tyler Blevins, who goes by the name Ninja on Twitch. That is when Ninja said that Drake needs to put some Fortnite lingo on his next album. While he could have just played it off, Drake responded that it "has to happen" but he has to make sure it happens the right way.

Drake then said that someone will do it and someone will pull it off. Drake then said that there was one stipulation for him doing a Fortnite lyric on his next album. He wants Fortnite game developer Epic Games to give him the "Hotline Bling emote" and he will do it. However, he joked that he is on strike until he gets an emote.

Drake and Ninja play Fortnite on Twitch a lot. As a matter of fact, this particular game ended with Drake losing and paying Ninja $5,000 for a bet. The two played in March as well, and since it is Drake, they broke the streaming record on Twitch, with 635,429 people watching them play live.