Drummer Brad Wilk is hoping for a full Rage Against The Machine reunion

The last time that fans saw Rage Against the Machine as a full unit was in 2011 before the band took a hiatus. However, three of the four members have stuck together performing as members of Audioslave and Prophets of Rage. However, drummer Brad Wilk said that he hopes to see a full Rage reunion in the near future.

The three members that stuck together were Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk and they are going strong right now with superband Prophets of Rage. That group includes former members of Public Enemy, DJ Lord and Chuck D and former Cypress Hill rapper B-Real. The man missing in action is singer Zack de la Rocha.

Wilk was on the podcast "Let There Be Talk" and said that nothing would make him happier than to get the full Rage Against the Machine lineup back together. However, he said that they all have to get on the same page. The band originally broke up in 2000 before reuniting and then splitting up again in 2011. With Prophets of Rage, they still perform Rage songs but it is not the same without their original lead singer.

Wilk said that the reasons they haven't reunited again were always changing. He said that it is always somebody different but he refused to go into detail, saying he felt like a politician. At the end of the day, Wilk said he does not know if they will ever reunite but he at least wants them to be friends again more than anything.

For now, fans can see three members of Rage Against the Machine touring together right now. AXS has tickets available for an Aug. 30 Prophets of Rage show at the Pepsi Center in Denver (buy tickets here).