Ebi The 50 World Tour stopping at LA's Microsoft Theater in November 2018
YouTube/Lion Production

The powerful vocals coming from the man known as “Ebi” is one that not a lot of artists can come close to replicating.

Ebi (Ebrahim Hamedi) is a worldwide singing phenomenon, but for many here in the States, his name doesn’t hold, in their minds, to the same stature as a Taylor Swift or Shawn Mendes. That’s because many listeners, especially younger ones, hold pop music to such a high regard that few other genres can touch it.

It’s this reason why singers like Ebi doesn’t get a fair shake. If someone were to ask a 17-25-year old who Ebi was, more than likely, that person would get a blank stare in return. Yes, Ebi, in America, is not a household, sexy nameplate, but to many who have taken a closer listen to world music, Ebi is a God-giving legend in his craft.

He has released over 30 albums and nearly 100 singles to date. Tickets to his shows all over the world are often hard to obtain, and he has accomplished all of this all while his home country, Iran, has made his music illegal.

In the broader music world, Ebi is a boss.

Now, Ebi will return to America to up his musical profile with a show at LA’s Microsoft Theater (777 Chick Hearn Ct.), and this show, like his others, will sell out, fast. It’s a show that will stay with the audience for a lifetime, so don’t miss out on seeing a legend doing what he does best.