Ed Sheeran dedicates ballad to baby girl at live show who bears his name
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Another of Ed Sheeran’s youngest fans turned up at his recent live show in Miami on Aug. 30. During his set, Sheeran paused to ask her parents how old she was. Proud mom and dad Rocky and Harmony Smith were near the stage and Harmony answered, “One year. Her middle name is Sheeran.” Rocky shared the whole fun exchange on an Instagram video (which you can watch below). 

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer was visibly tickled by the mom’s revelation. Grinning widely, he asked, “Her middle name is Sheeran?" adding, "I've never seen a baby this calm at a concert. Just chilling there for the whole thing and you guys have been loud, you're singing and she's just kinda like...I love babies."

He asked her first name, which was Cooper, and announced he would dedicate his next song to her, “Dive,” which included the chorus “don’t call me baby." He encouraged the audience to join in with him and sing the song to the baby as loud as they could. 

This wasn’t the first time Sheeran music has been documented to have a calming effect on a baby. Back in March four-month-old baby Gracie Nye’s parents Gareth and Joanne shared an Instagram video of Gracie crying, then settling down as soon as she heard “Shape of You.”

Given Cooper’s laid-back response during Sheeran’s live show, it looks like his “Baby Whisperer” reputation still stands. In Cooper’s case, her tie to the Grammy-winning crooner’s music has a very special meaning.

Per an E! News interview, the Smiths were battling fertility issues before Cooper was born and one of Sheeran’s songs was playing when she was conceived.

"We were trying for years to have a child," he said. "Eventually we decided to have a procedure where a doctor had to do the insemination manually. It was Christmas morning of 2015 at 9:30 am. After the procedure, as my wife laid on the table waiting and hoping this time we would receive our miracle, I pulled out my phone and played 'Tenerife Sea' on repeat while I sat beside her holding her hand. About six weeks later, we received a call that would change our lives forever. It was a very easy pregnancy and even child birth was done without an epidural!"

This is such a sweet story and Sheeran’s live show song dedication is just one example of his genuine love for children. Earlier this year he made a sobering trip to Liberia for Red Nose Day and met several disadvantaged and orphaned kids, one of whom he personally helped. He also supports a UK Children’s Hospice Charity and has auctioned his own clothes to raise funds for the organization.

Ed Sheeran is currently touring to support Divide. Click here for a list of AXS-ticketed shows.

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